Science for a better life

CANTOI is a company delivering chemical products reliant on science and technology, with an aim to improve products' environment-friendliness by using new technology. By means of technological and operational innovation, we help our users cope with environmental and cost challenges, thus creating value for our clients and contributing to a better environment and social progress.

CANTOI focuses on development and promotion of functional new materials. As silicone-terminated polymers (also known as SMP/MSP/STP/MS POLYMER), Hiposil series are widely applied in elastic sealants and adhesives, seal coatings. Antioxidants CA series are widely used in industrial and consumable markets like rubber, latex, nylon, plastic, lubricant, polyolefin, etc. These products not only improve the competitiveness of clients' products, but also enhance the environmental protection of downstream industries.

Apart from providing high performance products, CANTOI is dedicated to improving resources utilization rate and interactive environment between human and industrial products, and reducing the damage of industries to the natural environment.

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